Board of Governors

The Glenbow-Alberta Institute, operating as the Glenbow Museum, is governed by a Board of Governors. The Board is comprised of a minimum of 12 governors to a maximum of 24 members, eight of whom are appointed by the Board, two are appointed by the Devonian Foundation, and the remaining 13 are elected by the members of the Institute. The President and CEO automatically becomes a Governor upon his/her appointment. These Governors serve on various Standing Committees of the Board and each committee is chaired by a member of the Board of Governors. Community Representatives may also be invited to sit on committees and are generally recruited by the Chairman of the specific committee to assist with the business associated with that committee. The President and CEO of the Glenbow Museum reports directly to the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors is committed to the highest standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct its duties and responsibilities. The Board will foster an environment where all Directors, officers, employees and volunteers of the Glenbow can report violations or questionable conduct, which is suspected to be unethical, dishonest or fraudulent without retribution if the report is made honestly and in good faith. Glenbow's Whistleblower Policy states that Glenbow employees and volunteers can anonymously forward concerns/complaints to a confidential email address received by the Chair of the Audit Committee. The procedures outlined in the Whistleblower Policy document are intended to ensure that any such complaints and concerns are promptly and effectively addressed.

Glenbow Museum Board of Governors 2015-16

Jim McLeod

Chair, Board of Governors

Leontine Atkins, CA, MBA, ICD.D

Vice-Chair, Board of Governors and Chair,

Audit/Investment Committee

Jack Thrasher

Past Chair, Board of Governors

George Bezaire


Dr. Julie L. Cormack

Devonian Representative

Ken Fetherstonhaugh


Tim Hamilton


Rod Green


Jason Grelowski

Co-Chair, Development Commmittee

Adam Janikowski, P.Eng., MBA


Phyllis Konrad

Chair, Governance Committee

John Larsen, MCS, ABC, MC

Devonian Representative
Co-Chair, Development Committee

Donna Livingstone

President & CEO

Duncan McPherson


Jean Merriman


Mark Mullin


Phil Ponting


Irfhan A. Rawji


Lori Van Rooijen


Bruce Shultz, P.GEOL.

Chair, Collections & Access Committee

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