Behind-The-Scenes: Clean Air for Blue Skies



September 7, 2020

Joanne Schmidt, Glenbow’s curator of Indigenous Studies and World Cultures takes you behind-the-scenes to check out a selection of bags in the Glenbow collection that honour the importance of air for all living beings.

According to the Assembly of First Nations, “Air is a life giving force and necessary for survival. The element of Air stands for the life force that brings all people into existence from their first breath. The ancient ones have long understood that the wind is the intermediary plain which connects the spirit world to our own. Air also symbolizes the mental and spiritual process which brings understanding and inspiration through thought and form.” 

We hope this tour of these objects makes you think about how important clean air and blue skies are in your life.

This video is part of our #GlenbowFromHome series. #GlenbowFromHome is Glenbow’s way of continuing to provide a regular infusion of art and culture into your daily lives.

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